Moira will meet with you first to discuss your photography and imaging spend before even thinking about picking up a camera.You will find her friendly, relaxed, a good listener, sensitive, and able to provide constructive ideas and helpful advice.

Now when it's time to do the shoot you will find her exactly the same person! Even ten metres up a swaying cherry picker in wind blown rain! Some people can get a little stressed in front of a camera...but not with Moira. If the subject is relaxed and being themselves it is half way to successful imagery. She will go the extra mile for you, and her passion for photography will be self evident.

She will capture the emotions, the events, the details (of dress, settings, locations) and many things only an experienced professional wedding photographer will see, coupled with the way the photographer sees it. Some images will be camera centred, others a photojournalistic image of people doing what people do as they interact.

You have the safeguard of knowing she is a qualified member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. Moira is also a triple Master of Photography in both Australia and New Zealand with over 70 professional awards and many firsts for her work.

Have a look at her web site for details of her awards and client feedback on her work.

If Moira is already booked for the day Ken can cover equally well, and he is also available as a second photographer (additional fee applies and subject to availability)  to cover multiple locations and viewpoints.
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