Ken and Moira have merged their strengths and skills in photography, videography, music, text, and people's comments into one presentation stream they have called mediography, carefully and creatively edited to enhance the impact of a presentation you will treasure for years.

Have a look at the beach shelter image with the blank verse (which we wrote) on the home page of this web site,  and visualise the people and emotions they represent, even though you cannot see them.The emotions viewers feel can be soft and romantic as that example, or letting events speak for themselves, right through to the humour of Big Bad Brads Bridal Kidnapping video. Have a look through our portfolios and see for yourself.  

Much of the music we use for backgrounds is written and/or arranged by Ken in house, as well as using music from CD or internet.

High quality images can be created and enhanced  from video using our unique’s not just a frame grab. This means fleeting but critical moments missed by still photography can be captured in post production. In addition the still camera function captures images well in excess of the resolution of most still photographers (> 13Megapixel ), even while taking video.

That means as well as video you can have wedding albums and other presentations just like traditional still photography if you wish, all from the same source.

Photography and videography separately or together are also offered by Studio Allusivo.
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